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JB presentation
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After 14 years as club chairman JB is presented with a reminder of the appreciation of club members for all the fantastic projects he has implemented during his years in office.
  Steve Dunning (left) presents John Bridgett with his Elation Models Neon with thanks from very grateful club members.
At the RMFC AGM in January it was decided by the membership to present a token of our appreciation for his work in making RMFC a club to be proud of being a member.
John was elected as club chairman in 2003 when all the club's assets consisted of was a 5 acre field. Parking on the field at that time was restricted to dry days with ruts appearing all around the flying site as most members struggled to get off the grass when it was wet.
First improvement was the gate to keep none members off our field, this was followed by the drive and hard standing parking area. A mower was bought to save costs on contracting out the grass cutting, then came the container for a workshop and a second as a club house.
John being an expert with ebay managed to acquire a generator at a reasonable cost but he was not aware there was 90 gallons of diesel included
This was quickly followed the purchase of a Ransome mower which was in service at our flying site for a great number of years. Finance was tight but John came up with a solution for the next investment, without a thought he loaned the club the money to purchase the workshop alarm and fitted it himself.
News letters were produced solely by John for the benefit of informing the membership of club activities, this was before most members gained internet access.
JB became a BMFA registered trainer and then club examiner to benefit the club with his experience. The chance came to be an area examiner for the Midland area.
The RMFC website server space is provided by Johns company Lincit based in Gainsborough which without his generosity would cost the club to supply such an information hub.
JB has been a fantastic and active chairman who has guided our club to a new level for our new chairman Steve Dunning to take forward to the next level.
On Sunday 5th April a presentation was made to John by Steve Dunning on behalf of the members, a customised Elation Models Neon, this was called at short notice as JB works off shore for long periods of time.
UKCAA visit May 2015

Retford Model Flying Club welcomed members of the UKCAA to their flying site on the 10th May, the weather had been very windy earlier in the week before the event but on the day it was flyable and rain free.

Members had travelled from many parts of the country Newcastle, Watford, Crewe and Norfolk .
The event was supported by 25 flyers with a great number(45) of fantastic models being flown including
3 Bullets
3 Curare plus my 25 sized version
2 Magic
A gorgeous SuperStar
A new Bar-Fli
A Taurus
Loaded Dice
Supra Fly x2
2 Upsets
Flea Fli
Gangster 63
2 Jokers

The day started with a Pilots briefing by RMFC club chairman Steve Dunning which then allowed pilots to take to the air. From 10am to 4 pm there was continuous flying and banter only being stopped by the need for lunch,

John Morton (Burger chef extraordinaire ) arranged the barbeque to be available to all after the hunt for firelighters !!

RMFC club members enjoyed the day some flying others just watching for fun, UKCAA gatherings are to enjoy and not stop club members from having a flying day so the peg on system was in operation for all . One or two members tried the classic schedule which proved popular with on lookers but what a fantastic day it turned out to be.

Further information and pictures of the day can be found on the UKCAA website, if you are interested in joining please contact the club via their website.

Retford has supported these gatherings over the last 3 years, UKCAA are looking for other club sites to visit, if your club can help please contact them, I can guarantee everyone will have a great day.

  Steve Dunning RMFC chairman & Martyn   Chef extraordinaire (burger king ) Morton  
  Club member Andy Jeffery   Is it Mr Fox or Mr Fox  
  Our man from Watford Tony Bloomfield   The other Mr Fox  
Bring a friend day July 2015
The Bring a friend a day brought  members and their friends out to enjoy a fantastic day of flying from 10am till 8pm Although the event had been scheduled  notice of the day relied upon good weather. The day  was eventually  agreed as Saturday 23rd May due to a good forecast  which helped members  enjoy the day and the barbeque . About 40 club members and their friends  brought an array of models including an FPV system. The day continued after lunch when the only incident of the day took place, Simon Codd's maiden flight of his twin engine aircraft ended after one engine failed resulting in a landing a distance from our site. Phil Padley with Steve unning  acting as look out demonstrated flying by FPV, it was strange to see the pilot not looking at the model  as it progressed through our airspace  . Steve  was on hand all day to help with any issues with models or engines and even managed a photo shoot with a number of Elation Models flying on the ay ( that's why he's smiling ) A great day arranged by a good weather forecast was appreciated by all attending
  What you flying lad your lad planes over there   Phil Padley in a world of his own, it turns out he feels sick when completing a loop.
  The only casualty of the day   What a relaxing day
  The Elation Models team Steve Dunning with Chris (visitor), John Morton SD and Neil Bryne
            The BQ is a bit close but what the heck
The 'A' team in action


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