So you want to learn to fly


I want to learn to fly, what model should I buy ? This is the easiest and cheapest question to the answer initially - NOTHING . Contact us and arrange a visit first, you will see many different types of aircraft and power unit. Talk to members, instructors, committee etc, most people will talk you to death on this subject. You will then be in a much better position to know what to buy and where to buy it from. What transmitter should I buy

The best advice on this is is simply the most expensive you can afford. The more you spend, the more facilities you get and more model memories. Model memories allow one transmitter to control more than one model in your collection. You should stick to the top two makes namely Futaba or JR. Have a chat with your potential instructor and stick with the make they have, this will allow the instructor to use a buddy lead enabling dual controls on a model aircraft. Is it difficult Yes, but far from impossible, if it was easy, everyone would fly radio controlled aircraft and no-one would get any real pleasure from it. It's a challenge, frustrating at times but so rewarding at others. It's no good expecting to be the Red Baron of radio control flight in a couple of hours, it takes time and effort to get there. The most important aspect is that it's enjoyable. At RMFC we have a club trainers on the field most weekends if the weather is OK, having a few flights is just incredible, sheer bliss, utopia ! What equipment do I need:

    Suitable Aircraft - i.e. TRAINER        
    3 or 4 Servo's depending on the model        
    Transmitter 35 MHz (with crystal) or 2.4GHz        
    Receiver to suit the Transmitter        
    Fuel Starter Glow igniter (power panel or glow stick)        
    BMFA Membership (includes 3rd Party & personal injury insurance)        
    Suitable 12v Battery for starting and charging        
    Field Charger Sun Hat        
    Sun screen (you get very burned looking up at the sky whilst flying in the summer)  
    Warm waterproof cloths for winter flying        
    Good sense of humour        
    Sun Glasses        
    Good selection of jokes        
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