Achievement Scheme

Retford achievement scheme successes 2021

At Retford the BMFA achievement scheme is part of our club structure the " A " being the requirement to fly and have the privilege of  a gate key.

The club offer a trial flight using the club plane and radio equipment, the buddy system is used to get you in the air without any mishaps. The system uses 2 radios connected via a lead or wireless giving you the chance of getting airborne your trainer is in control at all times. If the aircraft gets out of control the buddy system allows controls to be switched back to the trainer who will pass control back once the situation has been rectified. There is also a checklist that will be issued to enable you to see how you are progressing and where extra training is required.

If you decide our sport is for you then ask your trainer what they would recommend as a starting package, its best to buy the right gear first time. No good having a radio that is not compatible with the club or your trainers equipment.

CAA & BMFA membership is mandatory.

Invitation Retford membership lasts for 3 months then you can if you wish apply for full RMFC membership.

Learning to fly takes time and dedication and is likened to how long a piece of string is , meaning everyone has a different time span for training.

When your trainer thinks you are ready to fly solo they will gain permission from the training coordinator for you to go solo. Flying with an experienced pilot nearby who can help if there are any situations. When your confidence has been built up your trainer will help with the "A " test schedule. when a standard is reached an examiner will be allocated for the test.

After a successful test the candidate can apply for a gate key knowing they have been trained to the high standard of Retford Model Flying Club