Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme (DMARES), GDPR and the BMFA.

From the 30th November 2019, there is now a requirement to be registered with the CAA as an ‘Operator’ if you are over 18 and fly a model aircraft or multi-rotor weighing more than 250g outdoors. However, BMFA members are exempt from this requirement until 31st January so as a service to members, it is possible to register with the CAA as part of the BMFA membership renewal process, subject to their “informed consent” of the member and the payment of the additional £9 CAA fee. Click here for further details

The easiest way to obtain informed consent is to add the following statement and a tick box to your club application forms:- “I confirm I have read and understood the CAA Privacy Notice relating to registration with the CAA and agree to the BMFA providing my Name, address, date of birth and email address (if applicable) to the CAA as part of the process.”


CAA Recognised Competency

There is also a requirement to demonstrate that you are competent to operate your aircraft and this requirement can be fulfilled by either having an existing BMFA Achievement or by taking our simple online test to obtain a ‘Registration Competency Certificate’(see for further details). Full details of the new requirements can be found on the BMFA’s new Quick Start Guide
For those members without online access the Registration Competency Certificate questions will be enclosed in the next BMFA news and members will be able to ring the office with their answers. You can also download the questions list from the following link. Offline RCC Test