Constitution & Rules

Following our club talk by Manny Williamson in November 2010, we asked

Manny for an example constitution from the BMFA. We have in this document

the BMFA example constitution with relevant information for Retford Model

Flying Club. This document was fully discussed at the 2010 AGM held in

January 2011 and the relevant amendments have been made following that


BMFA Introduction

How a BMFA affiliated club conducts itself is entirely the responsibility of the

club and the BMFA has no standing right or remit to interfere with the club.

However, the BMFA as the National Governing body for the sport of Model

Flying has a duty to provide advice should a club request it.

This document is made available to clubs for their consideration only and it is

provided to serve as a template to be modified as the club wishes. It is

designed to be as comprehensive as possible to cover all points that may be

pertinent to a club and it is not anticipated that all BMFA affiliated clubs will

adopt it completely.

Sadly, problems arise with regular monotony within clubs and the importance

of a comprehensive constitution and rules cannot be over-stressed as these

will set the ground-rules in any dispute.

Therefore, it is recommended that clubs consider all points carefully before

deciding to exclude them.

A comprehensive constitution and a set of rules ensures that a club has well

defined procedures and standards which enables the club to conduct its

business lawfully and with due consideration for its members. In turn, the

members know what is required of them and what their role is within the club.

A good constitution should form the cornerstone of the club’s conduct.

We welcome any comments that you may have on this document so that

other clubs can benefit from your knowledge and experience. Should you

have any questions or comments please contact either:

The Chief Executive or the Development Officer

The British Model Flying Association

31 St Andrew’s Road



Tel: 0116 2440028

Fax: 0116 2440645

Email: admin@bmfa