How to get started

What model should I buy ? This is the easiest and cheapest question to the answer initially – NOTHING .

  1. Best thing to do is first download the BMFA Flying start which will give you a clear insight as to how to get started and what to expect when you arrive at the flying site.
  2. Contact us and arrange a visit, you will see many different types of aircraft and power unit.
  3. Take up our offer of a trial flight using our clubs equipment; you only need to bring yourself
  4. After the trial flight talk to your instructor you will be in a much better position to know what to buy and where to buy from and purchase the right equipment and model.,
  5. Decide if our club and sport is for you and do want to join RMFC we have a 3 month invitation membership costing £20 which gives you a low cost period before committing to full membership
  6. Join the BMFA who provide insurance in the event of any mishaps
  7. What make of transmitter should I buy as this is very important

Mode 1 (Throttle right ) or Mode 2 (Throttle left ) Retford more of our trainers teach via Mode 1

  1. RMFC club instructors will help you through every stage of learning to fly
  2. When you are ready for the BMFA ” A” Achievment test we have examiners in the club

So you have made your decision

First of all book your trial flight and come down to Leverton for a cuppa tea and enjoy your first flight.



  1. You can come along for 3 trial flights before invitation membership application ,this gives you 3 months limited membership of the club.
  2. RMFC has a limited number of mode 2 trainers the majority being mode 1 , but it’s your choice. Which radio – Spectrum – Futaba – or another make.
  3. The next choice is IC or electric again the choice is in your hands.
  4. Join the BMFA is easy this can be arranged via the club secretary
  5. Read article 16 and complete then complete the CAA competency which has to completed and past before any fly can commence.
  6. Our trainers are all highly experienced so ask them as to what to purchase, good advice could save a lot of money so you get it right first time. You will use a buddy lead system so your club trainer person will be in overall control to help keep your investment safe, but accidents do happen.
  7. RMFC has the BMFA approved & club trainers to get you airborne
  8. Next stage is gaining solo status still with the help of a trainer
  9. The BMFA achievement scheme “A “can be under taken with our club by our own BMFA examiners

Please contact our training manager to arrange a trial flight