Lockdown projects

DC projects





Finally finished the G B Models Dreamer

DC projects





Rebuilt my (crashed) and Glenns (damaged) Wot Trainers, now have an almost matched pair

DC projects





“Flight Shed” contents – at the front is the thrice rebuilt T Trainer (my last one)

DC projects





Now playing with a Puppeteer refurbishment, bought a while back as a project

Minty projects




Apce 10×7

37A, 510W

4s 3300mah

Motor Airtek 3548 1100kv

Weight 4 lb



NB Project

Vantex Yak54 bought from Rapid RC in January , Engine 53CC boxer twin

KC Project

Sopwith Camel under constructiom

This is my latest and possibly last project, it’s a consolidated Catalina drawn by WP RUSSELL in 1993 the plan is diabolical, the wing ribs and many more parts are the wrong size the wing tip float mechanism as drawn is impossible and to top it all there is no fuselage formers servo locations etc drawn at all.
The project took 17 months to complete (due to unforeseen circumstances) and buy no means straight forward.
Specifications are as follows
Wing span 108.5”
Length 68”
Wing incidence +6 deg positive
Tail plane +4 deg
Engine -2 deg down
2 deg out thrust
The dolly is steerable and the tip floats are retractable