Field re opening

The field will be open again on 29th March but with a few restrictions

  1. 12 persons in 2 groups of six in separately marked area
  2. Track and trace signing in and out to be observed
  3. Hand wash to be carried when visiting the field
  4. Please do not arrange to meet anyone at the field
  5. Keep the social distancing to 3m
  6. Park in marked bays only
  7. If the parking area is full the last ones to arrive will have to leave.

As it is a few months since we last flew it would be prudent to check your aircraft for hangar damage and that batteries are in tip top condition. A range check would also be worthwhile to complete your safety list before flying.

We do have members that require help to fly as they are not very mobile, these will not count as persons on the field.

Juniors are not included as persons if they are from the same house hold, these are not easy times but hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel and flying will return to normal soon.

Some members will have had an injection, but please remember to respect those who have not yet been invited due to their younger age.

Please be vigilant and follow government rules as many people pass our field and will be watching what goes on